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Why Businesses of all Shapes and Sizes Need Social Media

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Social media gives businesses whole new avenues to communicate, gather and disperse information at little to no cost. For that alone every business should have a social media presence, however if you are still unsure as to why your business in particular needs an online identity here are a few more reasons:

It Gives Your Business More Credibility:

In today’s social universe having active social media accounts with consistent messaging is another check-off box for potential customers. Even the best websites with great landing pages can still leave users wondering if a company is active or responsive to questions or concerns. Social media can easily clear up these questions by letting potential customers know that a company is on top of the ball when it comes to getting back to customers with helpful information. While these concerns may not always be large concerns, why risk a potential roadblock when the benefits of social media far outweigh the time or effort to upkeep it?

Your Customers (and Competitors) are Online

With over 2 billion active Facebook users, 328 million Twitter users and 106 million LinkedIn users it’s safe to say that at least some, if not all, of your customers are active on social media. This combined with the ability to easily share content and new ad targeting means that not only are customers on social media, but businesses can now easily reach them. If you’re not taking advantage of these new avenues to reach potential customers you can bet that your competitors are.

Social Media Can Drive Website Traffic

By firing off a tweet or posting a business update you can immediately get your message out to a large audience for a relatively low, if any, cost. You can easily direct traffic back to your website by filling social media posts with links back to relevant website content. Thanks to the sharing features of social media as your clout grows and you continue to provide helpful content to followers, you can entice larger and larger audiences to come to your profiles for news and updates.  There are strength in numbers and social media certainly lends itself to increasing your numbers.

Repurpose Content

You spend a lot of time and effort when it comes to your website, press and product releases. From drafting the right language, to the photography,to the layout, make sure you get the most return on your invest by repurposing and reusing content through the new avenue of social media. While different social media platforms cater to different kinds of content, any platform is a great spot to repost product releases, accomplishments, industry news and more all while linking visitors back to your website!

Stay Top of Mind with Your Customers

An active online presence can also let you stay top of mind to customers as they see your content on a regular basis in their everyday life. Whether they click on a particular post or not, the constant appearance of branded content and links will keep your company in the consideration set when your customers are looking for a solution or more information.

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