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3 Ways To Stay In Front Of Potential Customers While Social Distancing

America is slowly beginning to reopen but business is anything but usual.

With upcoming trade shows and conventions cancelled, social distancing strongly encouraged, and an entire workforce working from home, you may be asking yourself – When can we get back to normal?

While no one has the answer to that multi-billion dollar question, here are some ways that your sales and marketing teams can safely operate in the “new normal” to maintain brand awareness and get in front of customers today.

Social Media

While social media is always an important tool in your marketing toolkit it’s even more so now under the current circumstances. In the month of March Facebook and Instagram reported a 40% increase in traffic and LinkedIn saw a 55% increase in user engagement.

With everyone sequestered apart, social media is providing people a digital touch-point and opportunity for you to stay top of mind with key decision makers.


A webinar may sound scary at first but if you feel pretty comfortable with Zoom meetings you are more than are halfway there. Consider inviting prospective customers or current clients to a webinar to walk them through a new product line or application that would be relevant to them. Bonus points for recording the webinar and making it available on your website afterward.

If you’re interested in learning more about webinars check out this article detailing free webinar resources.

Digital Publications

While there are less people at the office, your contacts are still online and checking their email. Get in front of them by getting press releases and online mentions into the publications your customers read. Whether you have a new application story, product line, or company news, utilize digital publications to garner attention and keep the sales machine working.

Need help getting in front of potential customers online and in-print? We can help. Contact our team today to see how your company could benefit from a PR Program.