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B2B Marketing Strategy: Why Online Mentions Matter

When was the last time you revisited your B2B marketing strategy? While the path of least resistance is to rinse and repeat, doing so could mean leaving leads on the table.

For instance what percentage of your marketing mix involves online mentions in digital publications?

Online mentions are not as sexy as traditional advertising but they have their own benefits to add to your marketing efforts.


Placements in digital publications give you more credibility than traditional ads. Digital publications give third-party credibility because an editor who not employed by your company has to sign off on your copy before it goes live to the public.

Also as the marketplace gets more and more saturated from brands producing their own content, third-party publications editors will serve an important role as gatekeepers of quality content.

Cost Effective

You can get three to five times the space in digital publications with application stories and case studies that can be purchased with the same budget purchasing ads. For example Wahl Marketing recently secured a four page application story placement for Earthwave Technologies. This story would cost over $12,000 if you tried to purchase the same space for a traditional ad.

SEO Benefits

Online mentions give the gift that keeps on giving: back links. Back links, or links pointing to your company’s website, are important in building up your SEO rankings. Digital publications typically have high domain authority meaning their back links will help push your company higher on search results. Higher search result makes it easier for your business to be found.

Content Marketing

Application stories and case studies are great additions to a content marketing strategy. Information from application stories can be repurposed to numerous different formats to fill out an editorial calendar.

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Do you need help getting your B2B marketing strategy together? Get in touch with our team to see if Wahl Marketing can help get your business online mentions to move the sales needle.