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One B2B Social Media Stat To Know For Each Platform

When you are looking for the right social media platforms for your B2B company, the search can be overwhelming at first.

Should you spread content across different platforms or focus on one outlet? And if so, which platform is right for your business?

For starters your business should only take on what you know you can manage workload wise. It’s better to have one or two regularly updated social media channels than seven different accounts that are stale.

Once you have figured out your team’s bandwidth or ability to outsource for additional social media help, you can hone in on which platforms are right for your business.

See below for one statistic from popular social media platforms to help determine which channels are right for your business.


Of all leads generated from social media, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn.

B2B businesses see great value in generating leads from LinkedIn. If your business operates in a niche industry and could benefit from specific-targeting of key buyers, LinkedIn may be a viable social media solution for you.


There are 2.6 billion monthly users on Facebook.

When it comes to sheer size and potential global reach, Facebook still takes the cake compared to the competition. If your business has any B2C applications or storefront, Facebook may be great social media option for you.


80% of Twitter users access the app on a mobile device.

While mobile viewership is increasing across the board for many applications, Twitter users most often are viewing posts on a mobile device. What does this mean for your business? It means if you can efficiently tell your story 280 characters at a time, Twitter is the place for you.


Instagram generates twenty times more engagement than LinkedIn for B2B companies.

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. The channel was once considered a B2C haven but over time B2B companies have flocked to the Facebook owned property as well. If you have plenty of visual assets Instagram may be the place for you.