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Uncommon Places To Ask For B2B Social Media Followers

Social media connects people and gives businesses a digital touchpoint to interact with customers and prospects. But a common problem businesses face is where to pick up B2B social media followers.

Like any marketing strategy, there is no one size fits all solution. Unless you are planning on throwing a sizeable budget behind a social media campaign, picking up social media followers will be a war of attrition over the long run. The good news is that the effort involved in gaining new social media followers lessens with each new follower gained.

This means that it is in your best interest to set up systems and procedures to help pick up followers where ever you can. This way the next time the 55% of B2B buyers who do research on social media before making a purchase decision try to find your business online, they can.

With all that in mind, here are four uncommon places you can use to help build your social media following.

On Your Website

This may seem obvious but just like real estate it is all about location, location, location. Do you have your social media links in your navigation bar? How about your website footer? If you have a company blog do you let readers easily share the article and automatically tag your company? There are many places your social media handles or links can go on your website so make sure you find a spot that’s right for you.

In Product Literature

Whether you have product manuals, product specs, or any kind of downloadable material, you can find a spot to incorporate your social media information. You can usually find a home for this information in page footers, title pages, or contact pages.

Looking for more ways to gain B2B social media followers? See how you can use social media hashtags to expand your audience.

In Email Signatures

Time for a quick math problem. Think about the number of employees your business has and then multiply that by the number of work emails they send in a typical day. Pretty big number right? Even if only 1% of those email receivers act on a social media call to action, you are looking at a noticeable increase year over year to your social media following. Adding social media links to employee’s email signatures can be a easy and simple step in the right direction to promote your social media pages.

In Person

When was the last time you asked someone in person to follow your business on social media? In a digital world a face-to-face conversation is a nice change of pace. Plus, the effort required to follow a social media account is a low bar to clear. So next time you are at an in-person trade show consider asking visitors to follow your company on social media. Or you can incorporate following social media into a trade show giveaway.

Have another unusual place your business promotes their social media handles? Let us know in the comments!